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Please select a product from the list below. If you require any futher information then please contact us, If you can not find what you are after, then let us know your requirements and we will find a solution for you.

Dynawest can supply the most comprehensive range of hand-loaded shelving systems manufactured in the U.K. No matter what your requirements - office shelving, supermarket storage, mod storage, archive storage, warehouse shelving, school storage, office storage, commercial storage, university storage, college storage, industrial shelving or industrial shelves we can supply the perfect storage systems for you.

The storage systems we can supply will allow you to maximise your storage capacity, improve efficiency and provide a safe working environment for you and your staff. Existing storage systems can be updated and expanded upon, or entire, bespoke, new systems can be designed, manufactured and installed that take every eventuality into consideration.

Mezzanine floors Mezzanine floors
Mezzanine Floors and Flooring
If your building has a concrete base with a minimum headroom of approximately 4.2m then do not think about moving out - think about moving up! DynaMetadek Mezzanine Floors can add to your storage capacity, increase office accommodation or release valuable space for further storage or administration areas. DynaMetadek Mezzanine Floors and Rack Supported Floors are bespoke constructions. Every installation is designed in collaboration with you, the client. Mezzanine floors come in many types and finishes, a choice of stair-treads, access options and ancillary equipment all combine to provide a tailor made solution specifically for you. DynaMetadek Rack Supported Floors can be constructed using DynaMetabolt, DynaQB2 or DynaWidespan shelving as the support system.
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Light Duty Shelving Solutions Light Duty Shelving Solutions
Light Duty Shelving Solutions
DynaMetaclip light duty rolled edge shelving has remained one of the most popular systems for the storage of records, files and documents. The rolled front edge to the upright frames not only ensures safety in operation but also presents a neat appearance which adds to the functional environment that we expect from today’s record management departments. Lateral files can be suspended from adjustable cradles and folders can be separated with full height dividers.

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Office Shelving Office Shelving
Office Shelving
DynaCapital Office Shelving is a high quality, easily adjustable storage system that will suit all your office storage requirements. Shelves and filing accessories are adjustable on a 25mm pitch allowing maximum usage within the bay. Storage space within any environment is an expensive commodity that you cannot afford to waste. You need a cost-effective office shelving system to meet your current storage demands and future growth. DynaCapital office shelving presents a wide range of standard components that can be combined to create a tailor made solution to address the specific requirements of your department.

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Economy Shelving Economy Shelving
A very popular choice for general storage! Each starter bay comprises:

4 posts
6 shelves
24 corner plates
Nuts and bolts
Assembly instructions
Overall dimensions - 2210mm High x 900mm Wide

Available in 4 depths - 300mm, 375mm, 450mm and 600mm

Shelf capacity - 136kg UDL per shelf

Individual starter bays can be extended simply by adding extension bays when required!

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Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving can be equally beneficial in a small room with a modest document management system, a large County Council Records Office storing archival material or a museum repository storing anything from a minute crustacean to a walrus or a grand piano.

The two main criteria for considering a mobile shelving solution are maximising the available floor area or compacting the storage system into a restricted space. Compared to static shelving, mobile shelving can increase capacity by up to 100% or alternatively save up to 45% of the floor space occupied by the equivalent quantity of static shelving.
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Heavy Duty Shelving Heavy Duty Shelving
Heavy Duty Shelving Solutions
DynaWidespan heavy duty shelving has benefited from continuous development to increase its versatility and adaptability. Wide access bays ensure maximum shelf utilisation which is vital for document and large artefact storage. Textile and garment storage also rely on the high density capabilities that are offered by DynaWidespan heavy duty shelving. In museums and art galleries where the facility to select individual artefacts is balanced by the need to maximise limited storage space, DynaWidespan heavy duty shelving on mobile bases is the ideal solution.
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General purpose shelving General purpose shelving
All-Purpose Adjustable Shelving Systems
DynaSpeedrax all purpose shelving systems are suitable for use in a wide variety of workplace environments. With a wide range of size options available, DynaSpeedrax shelving systems are a low cost option for all your storage needs. Shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing requirements and offer unrestricted access from all sides.

Comprising steel posts and beams supporting chipboard shelves, DynaSpeedrax shelving systems are ideal for hand loaded, bulky items and can carry a maximum shelf load of 700kg (uniformly distributed load for a 1500mm wide bay).
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Open Type Boltless Shelving Open Type Boltless Shelving
Heavy duty bolt free shelving ideal for any environment!

Overall Height 1800mm
Available in 3 widths - 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm
Available in 3 depths - 300mm, 450mm and 600mm
Shelf capacity - up to 170kg UDL per shelf

Finish - Uprights and beams powder coated blue. Shelves powder coated grey.
Create a run by choosing one starter bay and as many extension bays as necessary.

Delivery for this product is 10 - 14 working days.
PLEASE NOTE: 1800mm high bays complete with 5 shelves including top and bottom.
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Medium Duty Adjustable Shelving Medium Duty Adjustable Shelving
Medium Duty Adjustable Shelving
DYNAQB2 adjustable shelving is one of the most versatile adjustable shelving systems available. Complete adaptability is just one benefit derived from a wide range of standard and specialist accessories. A comprehensive choice of bay sizes together with single and multi-tier options ensures maximum volume utilisation. DYNAQB2 adjustable shelving excels in most environments where the need for high density storage with individual file accessibility can be addressed by DYNAQB2 mounted onto mobile bases.

Adjustable shelving can be positioned to suit the files being stored with a minimum of wasted space and then, if required, easily and quickly relocated. Shelves and dividers have a safe edge to the front and rear edges so that operatives are protected when working with the system which means that operatives work more efficiently in a safe environment.
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Bolted steel shelving Bolted steel shelving
Dynawest bolted steel shelving, based on the specification of the original BS826:1955, has remained one of the most popular steel shelving systems since it was originally introduced. The benefits of a system with such a robust construction, and the systems adaptability, combine together to address the needs of both industrial and commercial storage. Simple runs of bolted steel shelving can be easily extended and enhanced with a wide range of accessories. Complex, single and multi-tiered steel shelving installations can be designed to maximise the available space of even the most awkward shaped buildings, whilst steel shelving on mobile bases offers maximum space utilisation.

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Plastic Containers Plastic Containers
DynaMetabin polypropylene plastic containers are the ideal solution for the economic, high-density storage of small items in workshops and in stores. DynaMetabin plastic containers are moulded from a high grade, recyclable, co-polymer polypropylene, which is resistant to oils and most acid and alkaline solutions.

The profiled shelf tab on the rear edge means DynaMetabin can be safely used on shelves as an alternative to self stacking or being supported on the louvered panel system. Any small item storage environment will benefit from the Metabin range of plastic containers and louvered panels.
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