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Please select a product from the list below. If you require any futher information then please contact us, If you can not find what you are after, then let us know your requirements and we will find a solution for you.

The products we can supply for industry is wide and diversified. All these structures can have different forms, dimensions, weight and thickness of mesh; characteristics which when combined provide a range of products capable of satisfying every need.

For further information, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can find a solution specifically for you.

Media Support Media Support
When used as an external cage in pleated cartridges, they prevent any damage to the paper. The ‘open area’ of the rigid tube is custom-made, in order to optimise the efficiency of the filter, according to its utilisation.

No metallic parts are used in the filter thus providing a rust-proof and lightweight product
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Protective Sleeves Protective Sleeves
Manufactured in LDPE and with diameter sizes ranging from 5mm to 550mm, the TP & PS range of protective sleeving offer unique advantages when used as ‘sleeves’ in the construction of filter cartridges.
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Rigid Cores Rigid Cores
They are resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and they are suitable for either disposal or incineration without the need to separate the materials that comprise the cartridge. For products destined for use in the food industry, the product uses exclusive polymers and additives that comply with current regulations. Relevant certification can be provided on request. Other additives can be used to modify colours or UV resistance.

The rigid mesh tubes can be manufactured to have a certain pitch / hole ratio, called ‘open area’ in order to regulate the flow and optimise the system efficiency. As with all products, tubes are submitted to very strict controls, according to ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance System.
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Spacer Range Spacer Range
Dual-flat rhomboidal nets designed to our customers specification, starting from 0.5mm (0,0128’’) thickness, spacers are manufactured in polymers approved by FDA.
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Reinforcement Nets Reinforcement Nets
These extruded bioriented plastic nets have a wide scope of applications as reinforcement in the production of industrial fabrics, mixed laminas, plastic and or paper composites and for the structural support of polyurethane seats for cars, trains and planes.

Unlike woven structures, extruded bioriented nets have the clear advantages of being ladder-proof and maintain high dimensional stability throughout the production process. This enables us to produce products whose physical mechanical characteristics are the ideal complement to fabric, film or paper.
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