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Please select a product from the list below. If you require any futher information then please contact us, If you can not find what you are after, then let us know your requirements and we will find a solution for you.

Dynawest can supply a wide range of products for use in SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) applications, grass protection and erosion control.

Whether you require a solution for an overflow or temporary car park, emergency access route, parking for boats, caravans and light aircraft, coach parks or driveways, slope stabilisation and erosion control then Dynawest will have the perfect solution for your individual project.

For further information, please contact us so we can provide you with the best solution tailored to your requirements.

TenTex geotextile TenTex geotextile
TenTex is a range of non-woven geotextiles manufactured from 100% high tenacity polypropylene fibers which are needle punched or thermo-calendered.

UV stabilised and non toxic, TenTex geotextiles are resistant to alkalis, acids and organic substances. They are unaffected by moulds, micro-organisms and rodents and do not pollute the environment.

The range of TenTex geotextiles are particularly suited to soil works as a permeable and filter layer where they provide the function of separation, filtration, drainage and reinforcement. They can also be used on the surface of waterproofing systems where they provide the function of protection and drainage.
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Grass protection mesh Grass protection mesh
GP-Flex® is the new generation grass protection mesh. Whilst the previous grass protection mesh proved to be one of the most robust and reliable solutions in the world for protecting grassed areas from pedestrian and vehicle damage, we identified a need for developing these products further to include an improved element of slip resistance and flexibility, the result being GP-Flex®!

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GrassTrack GrassTrack
GrassTrack is a heavy duty polymer grid with a high strength geo-textile bonded to the mesh which provides a dual function in grassed areas which are particularly wet and muddy. With the geo-textile laid to the ground and the mesh on top, GrassTrack can be rolled out over the problem area to allow access by cars and lightweight vans.

With the geo-textile to the top, GrassTrack then provides a safe and clean access by pedestrians. In both cases the membrane prevents mud from permeating through the mesh. Without this protection, the constant traffic would create a ‘pumping’ action which brings mud to the surface.

UV stabilised, rot-proof and chemical resistant, GrassTrack is suitable for all the outdoor events including shows, exhibitions, concerts and private functions and can be re-used time and time again.

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Rock in Roll Rock in Roll
Rock in Roll™ provides excellent drainage together with slab reinforcement and eliminates the need for gravel and vapour barriers. Labour time can be reduced by up to 80% and give a material cost saving of up to 50% when compared with a traditional gravel sub base.

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DP1 - 1.5m x 20m DP1 - 1.5m x 20m
DP1 is an impermeable composite made of a cuspidate membrane laminated to non-woven, ideal for use in roof gardens and terraces.

Mechanical protection and anti-root protection in waterproofing systems and drainage systems for:
- Roof gardens and green terraces
- Driveways and walkways (surfaces made of interlocking blocks, roof parking, terraces etc.
- Foundation and containment walls when drainage is necessary because of –cohesive soil with adjacent waterbeds, accumulation of rain water, humidity infiltration on walls.
- Foundation bases (to avoid humidity due to capillarity rise)
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DR2 - 1.5m x 20m DR2 - 1.5m x 20m
DR 2 is made of a cuspidate net laminated to 2 non-wovens to provide triple action drainage and protection.

DR 2 is ideal for the use in following applications:

Terraces and roof gardens
Driveways and walkways
Drainage trenches
Foundation and containment walls whenrainage is necessary because of:
- cohesive soil with adjacent waterbeds;
- accumulation of rain water;
- humidity infiltration on walls.
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TrackGuard TrackGuard
Manufactured from high density polyethylene, this thermoplastic extruded mesh panel is extra thick to support heavy weights and has a high profile providing extra grip for both wheeled and tracked vehicles. UV stabilised and unaffected by chemicals, TrackGuard® can be re-used many times over providing long lasting protection.

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Soil stabilisation Soil stabilisation
The GT range comprised of polypropylene (PP) geocomposites designed specifically for the stabilisation of soils where both a reinforcing action as well as the separation between a granular base and very fine soil is required
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PRT drainage geocomposite PRT drainage geocomposite
Membrane manufactured in high density polyethylene (HDPE) presenting a flat surface on one side and protruding ribs on the other.

PRT has a very high resistance to compression and when laid on the waterproofing system it creates an air cushion, thus enabling the ventilation of the wall and the evaporation of the excess of humidity.

Mechanical protection of the waterproofing system for:
- Foundation and containment walls
- Foundation bases in replacing the traditional drainage
- Layer in lean concrete, even with the function of blocking capillary rise.
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TenWeb erosion control TenWeb erosion control
The ground on slopes is often dry and rocky due to lack of organic material. Under these conditions, it is necessary for an adequate depth of soil to be provided to allow for growth of vegetation. Since topsoil has poor mechanical properties, it can easily slide down the slope and get washed away by heavy rainfall before vegetation has become established.

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Rubber mat Rubber mat
Rubber mat is an environmentally friendly, non-slip, impact absorbing safety surface manufactured from recycled rubber.
To install rubber matting on grass simply lay it onto the ground and secure with fixing pegs. The grass will grow through the mesh providing a stable and durable surface. On hard surfaces no fixing pegs are required

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Ground Stabilising Mesh Ground Stabilising Mesh
When farm gateways and tracks become waterlogged and impassable because of deep mud, Ground Stabilising Mesh provides a low-cost and effective solution. Ground Stabilising Mesh is a high strength polymer grid which when covered with a layer of well-graded rough stone (Type 1 Roadstone), forms a rigid interlock, producing a stable surface for animals, farm equipment and other vehicles.

Installation is simply carried out by levelling the surface and filling any deep ruts with crushed stone and removing and major projections. Ground Stabilising Mesh can then be rolled out over the prepared site and covered evenly with Type 1 Roadstone. The depth of stone will depend on the ground conditions and the purpose for which the access is required. The protected area can then be immediately and over a period of time will compact even more resulting in a permanent access route.

Note: In severe muddy situations, it is advisable to install an effective drainage system.

If required additional stability can be achieved by installing a geo-textile under the Ground Stabilising Mesh

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MultiMat 30/ 100 erosion control MultiMat 30/ 100 erosion control
Provided that the quality of soil is capable of sustaining and preserving organic material, the planting of vegetation is a well-established means of preventing soil erosion on slopes and embankments and there is a wide choice of herbaceous plants and shrubs that are suitable for this purpose. However, during the initial phase of planting, the topsoil is easily subjected to washout and soil erosion during heavy rainfall, its consequential rilling and by strong winds.

Such conditions can result in significant loss of soil and formation of moderately deep furrows. All this occurs because of the barrenness and fragility of the vegetation during its initial phase of growth because the root system has insufficient time to become established in substrate.

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DL1 (roof garden) DL1 (roof garden)
DL 1 is made of a drainage net joined together with a filtering non-woven fabric.

DL 1 has excellent characteristics compared to its light weight and cost, thanks to the particular tridimensional shape.It can be used for roof gardens or terraces with a pitch up to 5 metres.
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