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Horse bedding Wood Pellets

We specialise in a 100% natural horse bedding. There’s no better way of ensuring a clean, dry and smell free stable than by using our premium horse bedding wood pellets.

Say goodbye to heavy bales! Our pellets are produced from virgin softwood shavings and are sold in 15kg bags, which makes them perfect for handling.

You can also use our pellets for cats, rabbits, poultry and reptiles.

Premium Horse Bedding

  • 100% Virgin Wood - No Additives
  • FSC Certified. All wood UK sourced
  • Clean and Easy to handle
  • Eco-Friendly and Fully Biodegradable
  • Less Waste on the Muck Heap
  • Lower Cleaning Costs
  • Easy to Use and Muck Out
  • Leaves More Time to Ride
  • Takes Up Less Storage Space
Horse bedding Wood Pellets

How is the horse bedding made?

Made from virgin spruce, the wood is subjected to intense heat which dries out the chip to between 8-10% moisture. This is then put under extreme pressure to form a pellet. There are no additives only natural lignum which bonds the pellet together

Our horse bedding contains No additives No recycled wood No hardwood. These could all harm your horses so ensure they get nothing but the purest horse bedding. We don't used chipped pallets that might have had chemical spills or hard wood chipping that could be harmful.

The horse bedding will be delivered on a pallet to your kerbside. One pallet contains 34 x 15kg bags of Horse bedding Wood Pellets, and the total pallet weight is 510kg.

Compressed wood pellets are an excellent alternative to other types of horse bedding.

How to lay the bedding

By laying the bedding correctly the first time you will ultimately use less bedding as time goes on.

We recommend 5-6 bags of our horse bedding pellets to start a 12x12 ft stable, with a depth of about 4 inches. If you also use rubber matting this will reduce the number of bags used. They will also cut down on the amount of dust, and may help if you horse has problems with allergies

Horse Bedding

Important Safety Message

Wood Pellet Horse Bedding must be kept dry. Do not store outside. Protect from moisture

Wood Pellets are not for human or animal consumption

Further information

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