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Golf side netting

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Golf side netting

All nets are over-edged to make installation easy to carry out by attaching to line wires. In addition they are UV stabilised, rot-proof and chemical resistant, providing long lasting protection for many years.


Made to measure
Suitable for many applications
All nets over edged
UV stabilised

Colour: Black
Material: HDPE

Available in the follriong:

DYNA3A086064 Golf side netting (12/6) 28mm x 1.0mm
DYNA3A086065 Golf side netting (10/12) 28mm x 1.2mm
DYNA3A086066 Golf high impact netting 28mm x 1.2mm (15/9) Dark green
DYNA3A086067 Golf high impact netting 22mm x 1.4mm (120/36) light green
DYNA3A086068 Pond netting black 18mm x 1.0mm (12/6) 1m2

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