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Mobile Shelving

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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving can be equally beneficial in a small room with a modest document management system, a large County Council Records Office storing archival material or a museum repository storing anything from a minute crustacean to a walrus or a grand piano.

The two main criteria for considering a mobile shelving solution are maximising the available floor area or compacting the storage system into a restricted space. Compared to static shelving, mobile shelving can increase capacity by up to 100% or alternatively save up to 45% of the floor space occupied by the equivalent quantity of static shelving.


Storage units, mounted onto mobile bases are propelled along fixed tracks to open up access gangways. A triple spoked hand-wheel is connected through a simple geared sprocket to the drive shaft, which requires a minimum of effort to move a fully loaded mobile shelving base.

Smaller installations of mobile shelving can be sited locally within the office environment to improve document management. The tracks can be incorporated into sectional panels that can be re-positioned, extended or removed making mobile shelving a future proof storage option. Existing static installations can be adapted to enable the shelving to be fitted onto mobile bases thereby avoiding the expense of relocation. So if you have outgrown your present storage facility, or you are planning a new one, consider mobile shelving.

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