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General purpose shelving

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General purpose shelving

All-Purpose Adjustable Shelving Systems
DynaSpeedrax all purpose shelving systems are suitable for use in a wide variety of workplace environments. With a wide range of size options available, DynaSpeedrax shelving systems are a low cost option for all your storage needs. Shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing requirements and offer unrestricted access from all sides.

Comprising steel posts and beams supporting chipboard shelves, DynaSpeedrax shelving systems are ideal for hand loaded, bulky items and can carry a maximum shelf load of 700kg (uniformly distributed load for a 1500mm wide bay).


Document Storage
Combined with document storage boxes, DynaSpeedrax shelving systems are the perfect solution for archive storage in a wide variety of market sectors including financial institutions, archival repositories, data management companies, schools and museums.

Speedrax all purpose shelving systems are also suitable for use as a workbench, packing station or low level shelving bay. A wide range of styles and sizes are available suitable for use in stores and workshops areas.

Galvanised Shelves
For the storage of paints, chemicals and liquids in general, DynaSpeedrax MD with galvanised steel shelves is the most appropriate option. Shelves can be inverted so that each storage level has an upstand on all four sides. The maximum bay load for DynaSpeedrax MD with galvanised shelves is 2000kg with a maximum shelf load of 125kg (uniformly distributed load).

Garment Hanging
A simple but ingenious solution for the storage of flat-pack and hanging garments. The base shelf is a standard chipboard shelf for boxed items, the hanging rails are simply inverted beams. Beams can be returned to conventional orientation and used with chipboard shelves. The ratio of hanging levels to flat shelf levels is infinitely variable; as stock levels fluctuate, so can the shelving.

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