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Bolted steel shelving

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Bolted steel shelving

Dynawest bolted steel shelving, based on the specification of the original BS826:1955, has remained one of the most popular steel shelving systems since it was originally introduced. The benefits of a system with such a robust construction, and the systems adaptability, combine together to address the needs of both industrial and commercial storage. Simple runs of bolted steel shelving can be easily extended and enhanced with a wide range of accessories. Complex, single and multi-tiered steel shelving installations can be designed to maximise the available space of even the most awkward shaped buildings, whilst steel shelving on mobile bases offers maximum space utilisation.


The range of additional accessories available converts even the simplest bay of steel shelving into a comprehensive shelving system. These can be included when the system is initially built or retrofitted as the need arises.

DynaMetabin plastic containers can also be used with the added benefit of colour identification and product classification. In addition the bolted steel shelving can be mounted onto mobile bases to provide a big saving in floor space or, alternatively, an increase in storage capacity.

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