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Grass protection mesh

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Grass protection mesh

GP-Flex® is the new generation grass protection mesh. Whilst the previous grass protection mesh proved to be one of the most robust and reliable solutions in the world for protecting grassed areas from pedestrian and vehicle damage, we identified a need for developing these products further to include an improved element of slip resistance and flexibility, the result being GP-Flex®!


GP-Flex® is available in three grades:

1000 gram m2, 1400 gram m2, 1800 gram m2.

1000g – Suitable for pedestrians, wheelchair access, occasional car use i.e. overflow car parks, temporary access

1400g – Suitable for occasional use of light commercial vehicles, caravans and 4x4s

1800g – Suitable for occasional use of HGV’s access routes for fire engines and refuse trucks.

Available in the following sizes:

DYNA1A090299 GP-Flex 1000g 2m x 20m
DYNA 1A090470 GP-Flex 1400g 2m x 20m
DYNA 3A100569 GP-Flex 1000g 1m x 10m
DYNA3A100570 GP-Flex 1400g 1m x 10m
DYNA3A100013 Fixing U-Pins (100 per bag)
DYNA Out of stock 1A090471 GP-Flex 1800g 2m x 20m

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