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Biomass kindling is ideal for open fires, wood burning stoves, chiminea or firepits. It is clean and easy to light.

Biomass kindling available in 3kg bags. 3kg x 160 = 1 pallet, pallets will double stack to 320 units. 48 pallets per load.

We can also supply traditional kiln dried kindling in approx 2kg netted bags


Biomass Kindling Wood comes in 3kg carry pack, and is easy to use, and very clean.

Biomass 3kg Carry Pack Kindling
Wood Pallet Configuration 3kg x160 per pallet Ean Barcode 5060098420024 
Biomass Kindling- Carry pack 160 bags per pallet Available now!

How to light
Ensure Fireplace is free from Ash
Place one firelighter in the grate
Place kindling around firelighter
Light Firelighter
After Kindling has ignited add more kindling as required.

Biomass Carry Pack kindling, can be used on Open Fires/Wood Burning Stoves/Chimnea or Firepits

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