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Bioenergy Fuel Logs

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Bioenergy Fuel Logs

The alternative to coal, logs or coke.

Fuel logs with very low moisture content, no spitting or sparks, very little ash, less tar and cleaner chimneys. Lower CO2 emissions at a higher temperature and any remaining ash can be used as a nutritious fertiliser.

- Fuel Logs / briquettes
- Packaging generally in 10kg bags/boxes
- 10kg bags x 108 = 1 pallet. 24 pallets = 1 truck load.

Please enquire, also available in 10kg bags  x 54 = 1/2 pallet. 48 pallets per full load


Wood Fuel Alternative, Slow burning & Long Lasting.

When you purchase a bag of Biomass Fuel Logs, you know that you have bought a bag of Biomass Fuel Logs that has been UK made. The Biomass Fuel Logs are made from 100% Natural Virgin wood and contain no additives. All our wood is sourced from the UK and is FSC.

The Biomass Fuel Logs give a lovely natural flame in your open fire or wood burning stove, and give off a tremendous amount of heat and produce less tar, which will mean you will have a cleaner chimney. With Biomass Fuel Logs, you have no sparks or spitting, so the family dog will fall asleep in front of the fire.

Biomass Fuel Logs are very clean and easy to handle. When placing on a fire we suggest that you break the log into smaller pieces, and do not over load your fire.

Natural – 100% wood
No additives
No sparks or spitting
Environmentally friendly
Burn hotter and heat quicker
Less tar and cleaner chimneys
Clean and easy to handle
No chopping
Little ash

Always store in a dry place. Available in individual 10kg Bags and standard UK pallets.

These new fire briquettes are made of 100% compressed wood chippings and contain no additives

Less CO2 emissions due to constantly burning at a high temperature - use of pure wood chippings free of any additives - the remaining ash can be used as a nutritious fertiliser Biomass Fuel Logs

5.5 kWh/kg, extremely long-lasting blaze - 1000 kg Biomass are equivalent to approx. 4-5 m3 of seasoned hardwood - almost no heating power loss while storing (only 7% remaining humidity compared to 20% in conventional timber) Biomass Fuel Logs

No resin, no insects - due to compression little space needed for storage Biomass Fuel Logs

No dangerous sparks and spitting due to good combustion - less smoke because of lower humidity - ideal for open fireplaces and stoves

Pack Dimensions
10kg Bags Biomass Fuel logs - 5 Logs per Bag - Each log weighs 2kg
Length 480mm X Width 270mm X
Depth 90mm

Pallets of Biomass Fuel Logs
108 x 10kg Packs per Standard UK Pallet
9 Packs per row
12 Rows High
Pallet Height 1.3 Meters EAN Barcode : 5060098420000

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