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Wood Pellet Fuel

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To find the best solution for you, the customer, and help you the best we can, please give us specifically your requirements, so we can focus. Our mission is to satisfy you. If you can not find the product you are after on our web site, then please contact us with your requirements and we will find a suitable solution for you.

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Wood Pellet Fuel

Carbon neutral, 6mm environmentally sustainable wood pellets.

- ENPlus certification where required. Please inform us 
- 6mm Wood Pellets for heating purposes with a class A1 certification 
- 6mm Wood Pellets for heating

6mm Wood pellets can be supplied in packaging and transportation as follows:-

- Blown tanker (inform us whether vertical, side or other form of discharge required)
- Tipper discharge
- Bagged in 15kg bags. 15kg x 67 bags = 1 pallet. 24 pallets = a full  lorry load

Normally 6mm pellets supplied, if other required, please state


The Alternative fuel to gas, oil coal or logs.

- Natural -100% Virgin Wood from a Sustainable source
- No additives
- “Carbon Neutral”
- Natural Lignin of the wood acts as binder
- Good Quality 6mm Premium Wood Pellet
- All wood UK Source - FSC
- Environmentally Friendly Fuel
- CO2 Reductions
- Very Clean
- Low Ash
- Efficient Constant Heat release

6mm Premium Wood Pellets
These new Wood Pellets are made of 100% Virgin Timber wood chippings and contain no additives

– less CO2 emissions burning at constantly high temperature
– use of pure wood chippings free from any additives
– No Overseas transport means greater Carbon reductions
– Virgin Timber from sustainable source
– Remaining minimal ash can be used as a nutritious fertiliser

– 4.9 kWh [2kg Wood Pellets approx. 1 litre extra light heating oil]
– High Energy Yield
– Low Heating costs and environmentally friendly heating

Moisture betwen 8-10%

Must be kept in a dry place.

Easy to Handle
Bagged Pellets
We can deliver them on pallets in 15kg bags if you would prefer.
Bulk Pellets
We can deliver bulk with our pellet blowing lorry

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